Thursday, August 18, 2016

IoT Security

IoT security is big deal. Needs to be considered to the development of any new IoT solution.

From BusinessInsider

  • Vehicle security: This area of security saw the most cooperation between the security community and the original equipment manufacturers (i.e. carmakers) as the latter move into new technological sectors with the expansion of the connected car market. The auto industry representatives at the conference outlined their vested interest in security. With 381 million connected vehicles set to be on the road by 2021, security for vehicles has never been more important.
  • The cloud: Cloud professionals at the conference preached the need for better performance from cloud security services. Experts noted that cloud security is similar to data center security in that professionals will set up security before they understand what exactly they must protect or the best means of going about that protection. The cloud has its own set of tools and features, and setting up cloud security requires a cloud-specific approach, rather than a recycled noncloud solution.
  • General IoT security: Recode spoke with numerous IoT professionals who expressed concerns about security for consumer IoT devices, notably smart home devices. Since the market for consumer IoT solutions is less mature than it is for enterprise or manufacturing, security for those devices is not as developed as it is for other IoT use cases. Further, the emphasis on getting to market quickly is often coming at the expense of device security, leaving consumers with vulnerable devices.

As we build out our ViznTrac solution, many of the consumer cameras out there are unfortunately weak in this area.