Thursday, September 29, 2016


So I just ran across this on Twitter:

SAP Buys Plat.ONE

SAP has a unique opportunity in IoT and Plat.One is very excited to be part of its mission. The company’s vision is to integrate IoT into enterprise software, creating a true IoT marketplace and making it easier for businesses to build and market IoT apps and solutions.
With the Plat.One acquisition, SAP is planning to integrate our technology into the Hana Cloud Platform (HCP), allowing businesses to build, market and deploy new IoT-enabled solutions, while also allowing existing apps built on HCP to connect to IoT assets. IoT data will now be fed natively into services such as the Hana database, streaming analytics and predictive analytics tools. 

John Bates is the original founder of Apama (a streaming analytic solution), which SoftwareAG bought a few years ago.  SoftwareAG did Apama no favors, so we'll see what impact SAP has on Plat.ONE.