Friday, July 28, 2017

Cameras and Computer Vision

Late last year, Intel bought the company Movidius and is betting big on Smart Cameras.  Here's something I found on seekingalpha about Intel's future plans:

Myriad 2 and Movidius are Intel's frontline assets to gain early lead in the fast-growing market for Computer Vision technology. Hikvision smart cameras are just among the many applications where Intel's Computer Vision processors/cameras could have long-term benefits.
CV-16 chart
I do not know how much Intel paid but buying Movidius Technology complemented Intel's RealSense 3D camera technology. A RealSense camera still needs the energy- efficient Myriad 2 to empower smart gadgets with Artificial Intelligence compute processing. Owning cutting-edge cameras and visual processors are important in Intel's overall Internet of Things strategy.

Our ViznTrac product is still in it's fledgling state, but we believe this industry is going to skyrocket.  ViznTrac's premise is basically to provide smart camera and IoT analytics to ordinary IP cameras.  I was asked recently how smart-cameras affect our vision.  I think it validates it and provides even more opportunity.  Currently, we're experimenting with Edge devices to enhance the security and usability of common IP cameras.  But, since we're coming at this from the analytics angle (correlate events from multiple devices both cameras and possibly other types), smart cameras are an asset to what we're trying to do.  Smart Cameras may eliminate the need for an edge device, but the intelligence and analysis that comes from managing and correlating input from multiple devices is still there.

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