Monday, January 16, 2017

AI is a tool to be used.

Continuing with the theme "Jobs of the Future Don't Exist Yet" is this article about statements from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella :

"The fundamental need of every person is to be able to use their time more effectively, not to say, ‘let us replace you’," Nadella said in an interview at the DLD conference in Munich. "This year and the next will be the key to democratizing AI. The most exciting thing to me is not just our own promise of AI as exhibited by these products, but to take that capability and put it in the hands of every developer and every organization."
Nadella is pushing Microsoft into consumer and industrial applications of software that can make inferences about its environment. He cautioned his own company and competitors about "parlor tricks" that show AI’s power without preserving workers’ dignity.

Thing are going to change as AI and other ML techniques make their way through businesses and truly beneficial uses of these technologies are found.  But it's going to change and create the types of jobs that need to be done.  A lot of our current work is focusing on improving processes at warehouses.  It simplifies the management of the work rather than the work itself.  Down stream effects, that is what is unknown.

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