Thursday, June 9, 2016

Use of GoAnimate to market your products

So we're working a GoAnimate video to market our forthcoming service offering.  In some ways, the service is very cool, and in some ways it is frustrating.

Biggest irritation is that it still uses Flash (although I've read that they plan on moving to HTML5 eventually).  So the way that you interact with it  (including click to select, multiple item selections, drag and drop) are still very Flash centric, which has a different feel than the way you normally interact with a web app.

Having said that, for what it's primary purpose is, creating animations instead of boring power-points, it basically works.  We're having some issues getting the voices to sync up with the finished video when after we save the project.  Everything looks good while we preview the video, but the saved video comes out different.  Some of the animations seem to short-cut themselves and the voices are out of sync.  Not sure if this is a bug in their software or what.  We'll keep playing with it.  We'll link to the finished product once we're done (and we actually announce our service).