Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Contextant is a consultancy specializing in real-time data analytics, data visualization and predictive modeling to help our clients obtain real, practical value from each of these disciplines.

While doing a prototype for one of our clients, we stumbled upon an area where there is an opening for a new product.  So, we are launching our first SaaS service offering in the field of precise indoor-location.


Contextant's ViznTrac is full-fledged cloud-based, indoor- location tracking and analytic solution.
  • Track people or equipment as they move inside your facility with precise x/y positioning. Identify dwell-time, congestion areas, traffic patterns.
  • Determine optimal floor layouts, best spots for promotional presentations, be notified of entries in secured areas or identify persons requiring assistance.
  • Our solution can integrate with other data- sources and IoT devices to provide the analytics that mean the most to your business.

ViznTrac is a computer-vision powered solution that will work with any camera able to stream decent quality video.  Cameras should be ceiling mounted and ViznTrac will provide a real-time view on a webpage that shows where people or equipment are moving.  We're currently working on producing a video that can show how the solution will work.  We'll post that when it is ready.