Monday, October 12, 2015

Instructions for using Physical Web for Jean Philippe Patisserie demo

If you're at the Aria for the IW15 conference, follow these instructions for our Smart Retail demo done in cooperation with Jean Philippe Patisserie.

Smart Retail

Imagine interacting with the world around you.  Get information about what you're interested in based on where you're at.

These solutions can be built into mobile apps or via access to web pages that present themselves based on your location.

For the IW15 conference we've partnered with Jean Philippe Patisserie to demonstrate.  Download a physical web enabled browser and let us know what you find.

Links for Physical Web enabled Browsers

For IOS devices add the widget to your today view.  You will then see objects or places that are broadcasting a website link. You can also use Google Chrome on IOS and add the widget to your Today view.

For Android devices download PhysWeb from Google Play.

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